October Patreon Live Recording – 2019



It’s that Spooky time of year again! Mike and Justin gather at the Halloween church of VGM to showcase some somber, creepy, and downright eerie tunes while talking about things that are special to them about this time of year. From chatting about Halloween non-VGM traditions to talk of Halloween treats, what a “hot dog storm” would actually look like, and all things SpoOoOoOoOoOoky, it’s a pre-game for SpookyFest 2019 like you’ll NEVER forget! The guys also mention a VERY special contest exclusive to Patreon members that YOU can win in a future main episode! All Treat, No Tricks!

Check the episode out on our Patreon!


Intro Justin: Decap Attack (GEN, 1991) “Level 2” – Fumito Tamayama

1 – Blood 2: The Chosen (PC, 1998) “Horlock’s Station” Matthew T. Allen, Daniel Bernstein, Guy Whitmore

2 – Banjo-Kazooie (N64, 1997) “Mad Monster Mansion (Exterior)” – Grant Kirkhope

3 – Nightmare Creatures (PS1,1997) “Sewer Snake Boss” Frédéric Motte

4 – The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening Remake (Switch, 2019) “Evil Eagle Battle” – Ryo Nagamatsu

5 – Jewel Master (GEN, 1991) “Time To Kill” Motoaki Takenouchi

6 – Alien Carnage (aka Halloween Harry) (DOS, 1993) “Mission 3A” – Steven Baker, George Stamatiadis

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