September Patreon Live Recording – 2019



Mike and Justin have returned with a chill episode full of free picks and wacky discussion! Hear about the supposed Tecmo Bowl of Cereal full of all your favorite Tecmo hits…but don’t forget to toss in some Tokyo Game Show 2019 Xenoblade and Final Fantasy discussion, discussions about zoo penguins, and various other non-sequiturs! It’s a free picks episode that will entertain the masses of Patrons! Thanks to all who showed up for the engaging live chat for the September live show! We look forward to giving you something extra spooky in October so stay tuned!

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Intro: Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders (XBOX, 2004) “Crusaders Theme” Chuck Mitchell
1 – PixelJunk Eden (PS3, 2008) “Bord De Lac” – Baiyon
2 – Radia Senki: Reimeihen (Chronicles of the Radia War) (FAM, 1991) “Track 15” – Keiji Yamagishi, Sugito Miyashiro, Kaori Nakabai, Rika Shigeno
3 – Attack of the Mutant Penguins (DOS/JAG, 1996) “Intro Theme” – Cogent Productions, Attention to Detail
4 – Xenoblade Chronicles (Wii 2010/3DS 2015/Switch 2020) “Confrontation with the Enemy” – Yoko Shimomura, Tomori Kudo, Hiroyo Yamanaka, Kenji Hiramatsu,Manami Kiyota, Yasunori Mitsuda
5 – Final Fantasy X (PS2, 2001) “Besaid” – Junya Nakano, Masashi Hamauzu
6 – Battle Circuit (Arcade 1997, Switch/PS4/XBONE/PC 2018) “Fever in the Disco!!! The Den of Evil!/Stage 2” Syun Nishigaki

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