June Patreon Live Recording – 2019



Mike and Justin chat on this episode about their thoughts on E3 2019. What games are they excited for? Well, we chat about some of them on this episode, as well as debating about Black Queen’s visual change for the Battletoads revamp, gushing about how good Tifa looks in FFVII Remake, and..IS THAT JOHN WILLIAMS?! NOOOOO….Check it out on this fun little live show episode, and stay tuned for details about July’s PATREON PICKS LIVE SHOW where YOU get to pick the tracks for the live show! Details to follow. 

Check the episode out on our Patreon!


Justin FFVII Intro Pick: Final Fantasy VII (1997, PS1) “Cosmo Canyon” Nobuo Uematsu
1 – Neo Contra (PS2, 2004) “101” Sota Fujimori
2 – Banjo Kazooie (N64, 1998) “Flibbits Battle” – Grant Kirkhope
3 – Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 (360/PS3/PC, 2009) “Capital Offense 1” Trevor Morris
4 – Star Wars: Jedi Knight – Jedi Academy (PC, 2003) “Yavin 2 Action” – John Williams, Clint Bajakian
5 – Battletoads (GEN, 1993) “Turbo Tunnels” David Wise, Hikoshi Hashimoto (arrangement)
6 – Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening (GB, 1993) “Mt. Tamaranch Tal Tal Heights” – Minako Hamano, Kozue Ishikawa, Kazumi Totaka 

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