January Patreon Live Recording – 2019


Patreon1-2019It’s our very first live show! We decided to do a show based on our initials. X (for XVGM Radio) was in the intro theme, MJL for Mike and JKS for Justin! Just something fun to go with initially! If you’re a patron, and you missed out when we were live (or you just want to listen again), you can listen on Patreon!



Intro: X-Men 2 Clone Wars (Genesis, 1995) “Sentinel Complex” – Kurt Harland

J: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – All Star Battle (PS3, 2013) “Steel Ball Run” – Chikayo Fukuda

K: Kickle Cubicle (NES [& Arcade], 1988) “Stage Theme” – Masahiko Ishida (Uncredited

S: Spiderman & Venom: Maximum Carnage (SNES [& Genesis], 1994) “Heroic Assault” – Paul Tonge (Director), Chris Jojo (Musician), Featuring music by Green Jellÿ

M: Marvel V.S. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes (Arcade, DC, PS1, 1998) “Captain Commando’s Theme”- Yuko Takehara, Masato Kouda

J: J.B. Murder Club (TG16CD, 1990) “Opening” Bug Corporation (CD Music), Jolu Jolu Club (PSG Music)

L: Lethal Weapon (Amiga, 1992) “Level 5” Barry Leitch, Dean Evans