Episode 3 – Board & Card Game Video Games


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Uno! Yahtzee! Bingo! You sunk my battleship! Board and card games have a long history of fun for the whole family. When it comes to board and card-based video games, there’s been a plethora of choices to play. Today, Mike and Justin roll the dice on 10 tracks from these type of games that range from easy listening to progressive rock, all while sharing stories about their experiences with each version, both video game and original. What are YOUR favorite tracks from this episode? Make sure to let us know via email at XVGMRadio@gmail.com or facebook.com/groups/xvgmradio

Track Listing:

Intro: Monopoly (Wii, 2008), “Deco Board” – Ian Livingstone.

1 – Pictionary (NES, 1990) “Mini Game 2” – Tim Follin

2 – Uno (XB1/PS4, 2017), “Wonderful” – Wang Yang

3 – Risk: The Game of Global Domination (PS1, 1997 ) “North America Theme” – Unknown Composer

4 – Hero Quest (NES, Unreleased), “Title Theme” Neil Baldwin

5 – Magic: The Gathering (PC, 1997), “Red Castle” – Rolland J. Rizzo

6 – Othello World (Based on Reversi, later called Othello by Mattel)- (SNES, 1992 ) “Sky Castle Game” – Kimitaka Matsumae, Manami Matsumae

7 – Battleship (NES, 1993), “Title Screen” – Mark Knight

8 – Clue (SNES, 1992), “Elementary” – Unknown Composer

9 – Scrabble (PC, 1999) “Blue Waltz”-Jim Crew

10 – Carcassonne (XB360, 2007), “Main Theme” – SomaTone Interactive Studios