Episode 2 – Toaplan, An Audio History

Strap into a Zig and get ready to move for great justice, because Justin and Mike are diving deep into the musical history of the shoot ’em up stalwarts themselves, Toaplan! From the early arcade beginnings to partnerships with some of Japan’s biggest publishers like Taito and Capcom, Toaplan’s composers knew how to create driving grooves and melodies to get gamer’s blood pumping. From debating with callers regarding princess names to discussing the intricacies of Mr. T fornicating with you for free, XVGM Radio’s got you covered!
Track Listing:
Intro Music: Zero Wing (Genesis) – “Prologue: Part 1” Tatsuya Uemura, Masahiro Yuge, Toshiaki Tomizawa
1 – Slap Fight (Arcade, 1986) “Areas 41-50” – Masahiro Yuge
2 – Guardian (Arcade, 1986) – “Boss” – Osamu Ohta
3 – Twin Cobra (NES 1987) “Tsugaru” – Tatsuya Uemura
4 – Truxton (Genesis, 1989) “Hope – Stage 3” – Masahiro Yuge
5 – Zero Wing (Genesis, 1989) “Stage 1: Natols” – Tatsuya Uemura, Masahiro Yuge, Toshiaki Tomizawa
6 – Hellfire (Genesis, 1990) “Stage 6: Last Dance” – Tatsuya Uemura, Masahiro Yuge
7 – Snow Bros. (NES, 1990) “Stage 1” –  Osamu Ohta, Tatsuya Uemura, Mikiko Suzuki
8 – Teki Paki (Arcade, 1991) “Quick, Junk, Sequence” – Tomoaki Takanohashi
9 – Vimana (Arcade, 1991) “Space High” – Toshiaki Tomizawa, Tomoaki Takanohashi
10 – Batsugun (Arcade, 1993) “King Bird (Boss 2)” – Yoshitatsu Sakai

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